Updated: 10 years of Kate Moss´s relationship with RIMMEL

The eve of London Fashion Week, Kate Moss arrived by jet into Battersea Power Station by helicopter to celebrate 10 years of her relationship with Rimmel. Looking as GORGEOUS as ALWAYS!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Advertisements

This person’s IDEA of a new MATERNITY fashion TOTALLY FAILED!!!!!

Wow, when I started this blog I never thought I would see anything like this! Pregnancy is a beautiful, but this dress is AWFULLLLL!!!! What in the world was she thinking when she… Continue reading

8MM Rules to follow to ensure you do not make common fashion mistakes. These rules help you look your best and give the best first impression.

 Buy clothes that fit-This is the number one most important rule to follow. Many women that lack confidence buy oversized clothing thinking that it will hide their imperfections. Unfortunately, the resulting effect is… Continue reading

Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2012 Ready-To-Wear collection


Hummmm What´da???!!!

I can´t believe she went out LOOKING like THAT!!!! Man she should have stayed HOME!!!! This is FREEAKING embarrassing!!!!! Yellow and PINK, since when that matches????

Jen Kao Spring/Summer 2012


WHAT in the WORLD are you WEARING??????

WHAT in the WORLD are you WEARING??????  LOL…some PEOPLE just DON´T have the sense of STYLE…right??!!! What do you Fashionistas think about this crazy style hummmm…???

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012

FEW things are unmovable in the ephemeral world of fashion, and one of the last standing bastions was finally broken when Marc Jacobs announced he would be pushing the date of his mainline collection to… Continue reading

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