You needed a DRESS 3 sizes BIGGER!!!!

I don’t even know Grandma Funk is, but she should have checked with someone before leaving the house looking like that!!!!!   Advertisements

I looooove Leona Lewis, but this time i need to be honest!!!

That dress so does not suit you my dear!!! Looks like she has been electrocuted!!! I definitely HATE the dress the COLOR and the UGLY style!!! The handbag looks even worse the color… Continue reading

Where did you get that amazing dress???

I love her dress!!! What a perfect combination of colors, don´t you agree??? I love how the black strips blends together with the floral, and the colors are just freaking perfect!!!!

And yet… she thinks she looks FABULOUS !!!!

Ok let´s analyze it together, she has one …hummmm let me see…what is it??… A … HIDEOUS  and HORRIBLE indescribable  blue dress, then she has a Nike sports bag and  to finish with… Continue reading

This is what I call a TOTAL bikini FAIL!!!!

Ok NOW I am totally HORRIFIED!!!!!!! Honestly what were they thinking when they decided to take a WALK on the BEACH wearing such a HILARIOUS bikini???? The ONLY word to describe it is;… Continue reading

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring / Summer 2012

It was pantomime fantasy – think white bubble wigs, neon lips and glitter – mixed with the Magic !!!! AWESOME SHOW!!!!


I don´t know WHY but she REMINDS me of a FRENCH PODDLE!?!?!?! Or she looks like a failed BRIDE!!!! I would never … ever wear it!!!! Would you????

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2012

John Galliano ´s CRAZY STYLE ….LOVE IT of HATE IT??????

Hummmm I amm not quite sure what to SAY, I personally think it is a little too EXAGGERATED and  TOO EXOTIC!!!! So I will SAY I HATE IT!!! What is your opinion???

Best Dressed of The Week

WHO gets YOUR vote????

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